20th edition of the European Company Sport Games A milestone for EFCS

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Remember Eindhoven?

Time flies! In 1977, in Eindhoven, EFCS organized the first official European Company Sport Games (ECSG). Since, these recreational games have been held every 2 years, each time in another European country, with the exception of Hamburg and Rovinj who have hosted the games two times already. This year, from June 2 till June 7, the Italian beach resort Riccione hosts the 20th European Company Sport Games.

Twenty editions, isn’t that amazing? Who thought, 38 years ago, that these games would become the major event in the company sport world? On average, 5.000 athletes have been participating in each edition and also this year, the Italian organizers are expecting between 4.500 and 6.000 athletes of all ages coming from all over Europe.

Quality boost

The quality of the organization took a big leap starting with the games in Riga in 2002, being the first edition that had to follow scrupulously a very detailed and strict manual encompassing guidelines and rules regarding sport and hotel infrastructure.

It’s all about emotions

Numerous are the smile-and-tear moments. One of these moments is, obviously, the competition itself. What a fantastic feeling to be cheered on by your teammates and by your fellow competitors, the adrenaline pushing you all the way. The price-giving ceremony is another great thrilling moment. Quite an overwhelming and proud feeling isn’t it when you climb up the podium to the number 1, 2 or 3 spot and you get awarded for your efforts. Another not-to-be-missed moment is when you arrive at the accreditation center and meet the friends you have made during previous games. And let us not forget the grand opening and closing ceremonies with the handing over of the EFCS flag to the organizer of the next games.

It’s all about sport

Of course, the focus lies on sport. The games have always been and will continue to be a platform for athletes, eager to compete against foreign athletes, to surpass themselves, to break records, to do their best for their company and country.

It’s all about quality time

But do not forget that besides the pure sporting aspect, the games are also about having fun, amusement, pleasure, taking in all the city and the country has to offer, and not in the least about networking, an aspect that is gaining in importance the last decade. And last but not least: for quite a number of participants, the games are also the start or the end of well-earned holidays.


The city of Riccione, Csain (the Italian federation for company sport) and EFCS wish you lots of fun.