Apply for games

  • Are their any obligations after having been chosen as host of ECSG?


1. Pay the amount of 50.000 EUR to EFCS before the end of the year of your election. This amount is liable to changes.

2. Pay to EFCS a contribution (7,00 EUR) per individual participant to the games. This amount is liable to changes.

3. Sign the games contract with EFCS after having been elected to host the games.

4. Organize the games according to the EFCS manual.

5. Organize a national coordinators meeting 1 year prior to the start of the games in the venue of the games.

6. Supply all the necessary information required by the EFCS supervisor of the games.

7. Respect the EFCS supervisor advices.

8. Produce the games bulletins and newsletters (in English, German and French).

Bulletin nr. 1 has to be issued in print form and on the internet 2 years before the games.

Bulletin nr. 2 must be available no later than 1 year before the start of the games.

Bulletin nr. 3 is handed over to the participants on arrival.

9. Always use the EFCS logotype in your communications regarding the games.

  • How to apply for the organization of EFCS labelled events?

1. Send a letter of intent to the EFCS president and the EFCS secretary-general

2. Send detailed information concerning the event you want to organize.

If a federation, an association, a company and/or a club, who is a member of the national federation, that is affiliated to EFCS, wants to organize an EFCS labelled event the following rules have to be applied:

1.  a. a maximum of 3 sport disciplines is allowed per event;

b. it is also possible to organize non-competitive sports (such as nording-walking, hiking, …);

c. the application has to be sent to the secretary-general of EFCS at least 1 year prior to the event.

2.  After approval by the EFCS Executive Committee and after having obtained the EFCS label, you are entitled to:

  1. use the EFCS logo on all your outgoing papers and communication tools;

  2. establish a link from your event website to the EFCS website;

  3. organize the event according to the EFCS manual (to be obtained from the president of the national federation or from the EFCS secretary-general);

  4. supply documentation on participation;

  5. pay the participation fee of

  • 100,00 EUR for one sporting discipline,

  • 200,00 EUR for two sporting disciplines,

  • 300,00 EUR for three sporting disciplines.

If your event will not take place, there will be no refund. The participation fee is to be paid prior to the organization of your event. In addition, the organiser pays 7,00 EUR per (foreign) participant (this amount is liable to changes by decision of the EFCS Executive Committee).

3.  You are tentitled to use EFCS’ Sport Management’s expertise.

4.  Should you wish that the EFCS president, secretary-general or any other member of the Executive Committee attend your event, their accommodation costs are at the expenses of your federation.

5.  You are entitled to use the EFCS’s banners and/or flags, which have to be returned afterwards.

EFCS will promote this event on its website and via email.

More information

If you need more information please contact the Chairman of Sport Management:

Reinhard Sitzler

c/o Wirtschaftskammer Salzburg, Faberstraße 18,

5020 Salzburg (Austria)

Telephone           +43 662 8888 354

Mobile                 +43 664 1137713

Fax                     +43 662 8888 960354